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AI Governance and Regulations 101

Truly Understanding AI Governance and Bracing for Regulations’ Impact

New challenges naturally pop up as organizations aim to scale AI efforts by increasing both the number and complexity of projects moving to production. 

The pressure of these challenges requires organizations to invest in the right governance before the challenges overtake scaling efforts. In this ebook, we define AI Governance and how AI regulations fit into the puzzle as well as identify the key new regulations to be cognizant of in geographically-specific arenas. 

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Crafting a Sustainable AI Governance Strategy

This Ebook Includes:

  • A rundown of what AI Governance really means and why proper investment in governance frameworks is important for success

  • Zoom-ins on various regions around the world for a comprehensive look at the state of global regulations (i.e., United States, Europe, Canada, Singapore)
  • The best practices for crafting an AI Governance strategy tailored to your organization’s needs and business goals