Can AI Actually Reduce Costs?

Yes... With the
Right Approach.

We're living in a world of tight P&L scrutiny, but should it be the time to deprioritize AI investments? Maybe not.

See why savvy businesses will double-down on their commitment to AI projects to run faster and more efficiently. This ebook delves into use cases, examples, and how to accelerate.


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The True Cost of AI

Finding Ways to Lower Those AI Costs Is Key

While the potential to leverage AI for cost reduction is appealing, it’s naïve to ignore the cost of the AI initiatives themselves. In order to generate short-term, material impacts on one’s P&L, it's imperative to find a way to lower overall analytics and AI project costs in order to make sure the benefits are delivered more efficiently. This ebook highlights three concrete ways to control the cost of AI.


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AI Cost-Cutting Use Cases

Develop a Pipeline of AI Projects Addressing Costs

It would be impossible to list out all the potential use cases organizations can take on to boost cost reduction efforts and maximize efficiency. However, in general, they fit into one of two categories: optimization and acceleration. This ebook takes a deeper look into both and includes a non-exhaustive list of key cost-saving use cases by department.