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Stop Drowning in Data & Processes

Start Building the Finance Team of Tomorrow

Are you frustrated by fragile reporting processes? Bogged down by never-ending ad hoc requests? Is a lack of data lineage putting your organization at risk?  

Learn how to address these challenges and transform your finance team with this ebook.

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Inefficient Reporting & Analytics Processes?

Elevate Monthly Reporting With the Right Tools

In the FP&A division at Standard Chartered Bank, two people armed with Dataiku are doing the work of about 70 people limited to spreadsheets. That means increased analyst productivity by a factor of 30 by replacing spreadsheet-based processes with governed, self-service analytics.

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Lukas Stroemsdoerfer, Lead Data Scientist at Mercedes-Benz, presenting on automated forecasting

Overwhelmed by Ad Hoc Requests?

Start Standardizing Finance Operations

Mercedes-Benz  used Dataiku to connect their more than 7,000 registered data systems and standardize their processes. The finance team was able to get access to all relevant ERP systems within a single dashboard, simplifying the alignment between FP&A and business teams. The new process with Dataiku was three times faster than the previous spreadsheet approach.

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Lacking Data and Analytics Project Lineage?

Reduce Operational Risk With a Centralized Platform

Every company is tasked with performing accurate account reconciliations. The finance team at a large oil trading institution was using Excel to generate this process. The result was a series of linked spreadsheets that was difficult to automate and govern, much less trace if work had been signed off or not.

Prototype logic for repeatable, automated trade reconciliations in Dataiku was delivered in just three weeks by one full-time employee, and this logic is scalable across all future reconciliations.

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