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No domain better demonstrates the potential for analytics to improve the world than healthcare. While medical advancements in the last century have led to dramatic increases in life expectancy, data science applications are being applied to help clinicians and researchers combat some of the most pressing medical and logistical issues facing the healthcare industry.

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Dr. Anthony Chang is the Chief Intelligence and Innovation Officer and Medical Director of the Heart Failure Program at Children’s Hospital of Orange County. He is the founder of AIMed and the Medical Intelligence and Innovation Institute (MI3). Dr. Chang holds an MD from Georgetown, an MBA in Health Care Administration from the University of Miami, an MPH in Health Care Policy from UCLA, and an MS in Data Science from Stanford.

Dr. William Paiva is Executive Director at the Center for Health Systems Innovation. He focuses on transforming rural and Native American healthcare. Dr. Paiva has 20+ years of venture capital, management consulting, and investment banking experience.

Dr. Mark Sendak is the Population Health & Data Science Lead at the Duke Institute for Healthcare Innovation at Duke University. He holds an MD in addition to a Masters in Public Policy from Duke and a bachelor of science in Mathematics from UCLA.

Dr. Carla VandeWeerd is an Associate Professors at the College of Engineering at USF. Her research interests are focused on health and well-being across the life span, with a particular interest in social determinants of health, safety, risk reduction, comprehensive care, and the impact of technology on health in late life.

Dr. Ali Yalcin is an Associate Professors at the College of Engineering at USF. His research interests include health care systems, modeling, analysis, and control of discrete event systems, information systems, data analysis, and engineering education. He holds a Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Rutgers University,

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Uncover Crossovers Between Business and Healthcare

This Ebook Includes:

  • Historical precedent and clinical methodology to contextualize current advances

  • Novel insights from research institutions such as the Duke Institute for Healthcare Innovation and the Center for Health Systems Innovation

  • POCs from hospitals and startups alike