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Established tech giants and startups alike have been clamoring for a seat at the table in the banking and insurance industries. Adapting to this new reality means using the tools of the newcomers’ trade - data science, big data, and algorithms - and supplementing those technologies with the unique assets and strengths of traditional banking and insurance companies.
Whether you are working in marketing, risk management, product design, finance, actuarial science, underwriting, or claim management, this ebook illustrates how banking and insurance can seize the analytics opportunity.

What you'll find in this ebook:

  • 3 key recommendations to start leveraging the Analytics revolution
  • 3 key testimonials from banking and insurance Experts : BlueDME, QxBranch and the Institute of Actuaries
  • 5 real world use cases on auto insurance customization, churn prevention, life events detection, customer segmentation, and credit card/claims fraud detection.
  • How-to checklists and much more!