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Good marketing starts with in-depth knowledge of who your customers are and what they want. Today, advanced analytics makes this more possible than ever before. 

But, to a majority of marketing teams, advanced analytics sounds scary - or unattainable. Thankfully, that was yesterday. Today, consumers generate a plethora of data points - click trails, transactions, social network interactions, and so on - that modern marketers can leverage to make sure their campaigns are successful... and that their customers are happy. 

Whether your background was in statistics or in English literature, this ebook will teach you the basic concepts behind advanced analytics, machine learning, and dynamic segmentation and how applying these techniques will make you a better and more valuable marketer for any organisation. 

In this 29 page ebook, you'll find:

  • 3 technical fact sheets: Algorithms are Your Friends; Ready, Set... Target!; Churn: A Story About Love... Or Lack Thereof
  • 4 key testimonials from Big Data leaders : CapGemini Consulting, Saegus, Sonra and WebbMason
  • 5 real world use cases on how to optimize marketing campaigns in banking/insurance, retail, online, IoT, and in the travel industry
  • How-to check lists and much more!